Beauty and functionality in one

Custom-made design by Schrutka-Peukert

Finding the central theme

A coherent concept for your store



To ensure that your store will be a success it needs a "central theme" which we will help you to figure out during our first consultation : Do you want to present your business as home associated and traditional? Or as modern and innovative? We will analyze your needs and evolve into a suitable design.

Stand out from the crowd

Individuality is the key

We always start from your corporate design when elaborating a concept: your new store is to finally reflect your identity and look authentic. We adapt our design to your request and not vice versa: this is why all our shops are an uniqueness.

colour and material

Make your business unique

Especially colours and materials (wood, slate, metal, glass, etc.) convey your corporate identity because they strike the costumer's attention first. Our interior designers will advise you on the selection of fabrics, materials, types of wood and colour accents.

Together we will select a chart of colours and appropriate materials reflecting the "central theme" and your design concept.

Kim Hörath

Staatl. gepr. Raum- und Objektdesignerin, Schrutka-Peukert

Influencing experience and adventure

A new shop inspires

We pay attention to a holistic furnishing concept as a store can only convince you if lighting, seating furniture and decorative elements also fit into the concept. We will develop a new store together that will make your customers say "Wow!" when they enter. It will be a store that is more than just practical but an entire new shopping experience for the customer – and ultimately increases your sales!