Details make the difference

The bread shelf in the focus

Core competence bread

Tradition and Innovation



Bread, from one pound to eight pound, rolls, baguette, pretzels - all the products need the best platform for presentation. We deliver the most different baskets, brackets, shelves and bars. In short, all that engaged your products in good LED-ligthing. Our shelves will support you to sell your products!

The flexible bread shelf

KUBUS Classic

Our classic bread shelf is flexible in both inclination and use. Bread can be presented on a slant shelf. When the shelves are adjusted evenly packaged products can be displayed. Various tools can be suspended or integrated in order to present for example baguette or pretzels in a sales effective way. The shelf itself remains in the background since it rather brings the products to the foreground while making use of the right LED lighting.

The new bread competence

pOINT - The back panel system

We fix our exhibition components via a point matrix using a proprietary expansion technology. For you that means there are new combinations at all times. Everything from a display board to the bread slide is possible! The benefits for you:

  • The design of the back panel is more appealing to your customers
  • The design can be adjusted to time of the day or season without our assistance needed.

Our artisanal bakers are world champions regarding bread variety which is an aspect that must be reflected in the bread presentation. In many bakeries products range from baguettes the large, round brown breads. Therefore, the opportunity to put this bread variety in the limelight should be correspondingly diverse.

Winfried Groß

Business Executive at Schrutka-Peukert GmbH

Put your bread in perspective

pOINT - the bread slide

Using our new bread slide the baker is given the opportunity to set his bread expertise even more directly in the proper scene. Bread is thus presented deliberately very close to the customer and visually attractive. In addition to the counter landscape you have the option to particularily concentrate attention on bread in all its diversity - rolls, breadsticks and pretzels.