Cooling technology made by Schrutka-Peukert.

This is how your products stay fresh.

Unsere Technik wird im hauseigenen Kältelabor überprüft

Our aim is to offer exactly the right cooling method for your products. These provide the optimal result depending on assortment and use: The cooling temperature corresponds to the HACMP so that the products are cooled without drying out while the counters are energy efficient to the highest degree - for an optimal energy balance in your store. However, a perfect refrigerated display case does not only have to offer optimal cooling. Just as important is the aspect of hygiene and the ease of cleaning the counter.

The issue of energy consumption for cooling and lighting plays an important role as well. In our own laboratory we inspect the refrigeration counters extensively so that your new counter works perfectly and allows a practicable work process. Our equipment is checked in our cold laboratory.

More than just technology

Design and appearance of the refrigerated display case

Even the look of our refrigerated counters is appealing: The refrigerated counters are not only a technical and functional item of furniture but also a part of the interior design: no pillars and illumination without shadows will allow you to present your products triggering the costumer's decision to purchase. In particular, the counters of the CUBE family are designed in a modern and minimalistic way. The puristic design was inspirerd by a rectangle.

No matter if you are a baker, butcher, confectioner, grocer or you have high turnover rates or longer storage times - wherever your focus is, we offer the right cooling method. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation and we will find a perfectly fitted refrigerated display case for you!

The right cooling counter for every requirement

Our cooling counter program



Fitted for your individual needs and your location, various basic types of refrigerated counters are available. You will find the right model for your products:

  • differential contact cooling
  • differential plus cooling
  • forced-air cooling
  • aqua Inject cooling
  • cream-air-cooling
  • snack cooling
  • chocolate candy cooling

Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation discussing the right cooling counter for your requirements. Below you will find some examples of our refrigerated counters - let them inspire you!