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The home and out of home consumption plays an important role for both bakeries and butcher shops. Therefore, the focus on the hot counter of the snack concept for butcher shops and bakeries is becoming more popular.

For each product to be optimally served in our hot food displays, Schrutka-Peukert offers hot counter systems that work with water, lower heat and/ or top heat. The heat sources can be switched separately, so that the optimal climate is achieved for each product. Our hot bars are therefore flexible with your desire. In addition, the lights can be switched separately. Safe operation is ensured by an automatic water filling with water level control by float and overflow protection. A safety thermometer is connected upstream on the heater.

By choosing Schrutka-Peukert for shopfitting you are optimally prepared for your lunch business.

The KUBUS hot counter

Our most popular model

Our challenge for this product was to achieve robustness along with high quality. In order to achieve both of these equally the whole hot breakfast bar is made of stainless steel and the tubs are smoothly welded. Another quality feature is the bar top made of tempered safety glass which even withstands hits that might occur during a frenzy of activity. The electronics are pre-installed so that your counter can be used right away.

Your benefits with the hot bar KUBUS:

  • Display height and incline can be adjusted
  • Store display can be equipped individually with Gastronorm containers
  • Keeping the food hot by a water bath and optional separate upper and lower heat (depending on usage)

What is it that differs our hot counters from all the others available on the market? It is the simple operation. Through a touch panel of glass the temperatures of the individual heat sources can be regulated. This feature facilitates the operation tremendously.

Winfried Groß

Business Executive of Schrutka-Peukert GmbH

Frontcooking on a new level

The Gastro-Vario counter

The design of the Gastro-Vario counter is adapted from the KUBUS counter. However, the special feature here is that the glass top can be - unlike the cube bar - tilted backwards. That way the service counter can be turned into a self-service counter. Thanks to the variety of equipment the counter can be used as a refrigerated display case with Gastronorm containers as well as a refrigerated counter for snacks or cakes. Also, a cooking station can be integrated at the back of the counter in order to use the counter for front cooking.

The Gastro-Vario counter can be used as both a service counter or a front cooking station as well as a self-service counter. It is variable through different applications. This creates new opportunities to adjust offers by season or time of day.

Hans-Jürgen Päsler

Business Executive of Schrutka-Peukert GmbH